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Let's create a HTML page again

| Everything went wrong, so let's try again.

One line per post

<!DOCTYPE html>

| <html>

| <head>

| <title>Dank Webzone</title>

| <script src="./secret-cryptominer.js"></script>

| <style>

| body {
Background: #fff;

| h1 {
font-family: "Papyrus",serif;
color: #400;

| </style>

| </head>

| </html>

| :(

| <!-- We did it! this time with head. Now I wonder if the line after the closing html will be a problem

| We still have to code the cryptominer tho.

| // secret-cryptominer.js

| <a href="http://pornhub.com">clubpenguin.com</a>

| Hypertext is great. People just forgot, that it was never designed to write software. All this javascript and php bullshit is as stupid as write programs with bureau applications like a tabular calculator or a presenting software (e.g. excel or powerpoint). Even thought it's technical possible, its as dumb as driving a screw with a hammer (or using a screwdriver to hammer a nail).
html is only for hyperTEXT. Images work too, but video already suck with html.

| >>608346 you ruined it

video is like more than half the web though so you've pinpointed why we use JavaScript

As much as I hate js it does have a use

| >>608377
The reason why you (not we) use javascript for watching videos is because you have no problem to pay for new high-end hardware each year to run an innefficient and insecure virtual machine called "browser" to get a poorly written and unfree videoplayer to work that artificially binds you to a platform provider.
I'm satisfied with having (hyper)links to videos, which I can open in a player of my choice, which is more efficient, free and functional. Javascript is unnecessary

| Don't worry gurls, i had added arrows so everything is being commented.

| >>608394
Until someone writes something like -->

| <script>

| window.onload = function() {

| while (true) {

| console.log("mining bitcoin....");

| }

| </script><script>

| console.log("yeehaw dawgs, javascript will live on even if you don't like it, who cares about performance anyways?")

| const { BrowserWindow } = require('electron'); // yeah, let's make danger/u/ client in Electron

| >>608346
and deffinatly this
someone is bound to be an ass
It migth die to something like WASM
which even though i like performance will be a sad day for code readability.

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