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Made a 3d waifu model, what now?

| Spent hours trying to rip Koikatsu models and messing wih VRoid really paid it off, it's fully rigged as well, but now I'm wondering, "What now?" other than messing around with MMD, VRChat runs like shit in my PC so I'll scratch that as well.

| Become your own Virtual YouTuber.

| You know what must be done. Lewd it.

| Get a cheap ass Google Cardboard and spend your time with your waifu~

| Buy a new pc for her so you can spend time together

| Install temple os on the said new pc.

| >>608031 that memes dead just like Terry

| Import it to waifu sex simulator

| >>607856 sounds fun, I'll go check it out, no guarantee of me actually doing it tho.

>>607858 >>608094 shes just a schoolgirl, you sickos.

>>607888 sounds like a nice idea, I've got Unity installed so I guess I could easily make it.
oh and btw i dont really see her as my waifu
>>607959 ^

| here's a pic of her btw, can't get full body shot atm sorry.

>what's with the eyes and the skin?
she was initially based off a character that i made in the game, one of my friends found her to be a cute "demon" that they even made her in illusion games and lewded the shit out of her. big shoutouts to them for inspiring me to do this in the first place.

I might do a human version anytime soon, just not a schoolgirl this time.

| Import it again to koikatsu so that she can relive her highschool life, and then import it to Custom Maid so that you can see her working in maid outfit, and then import it again to AI Shoujou, so you can be stranded with her.

| Get a 3D printer, and make use of it.

| >>608347 psa fdm printers don't do figurines that well, layer height loses detail and support material is a bitch

Go for sla if you don't mind the mess and the whole *don't breathe this* thing, much higher detail if your only goal is printing waifus

| >>608376
How about just printing a negative form and fill it with some kind of fluid silicon goo that becomes hard to get a nice doll this way?
If the printer is to small you could try making each body part seperately.

| >>608431 you could, but your final product will only be as good as your mould, so you'd still have the problem of losing detail to layer height, what you could do is sand it but that's also going to reduce the detail but at least it'll be smooth

I've printed some figurines and they aren't terrible, they're rough unless you use a lot of support which has a tendency to ruin the finish or will be really hard to get off fragile parts like twintails without breaking them

| Why the furrack doesn't danger/u/ have their own virtual YouTuber yet?

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