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asus rog

| sup g/u/rls

my old beloved rog strix with 960m became too old and I am thinking about moving forward

saved enough for last 5 years to buy a new rog so I came here to hear your opinion about new asus notebooks

[Zephyrus S] vs [Scar III], which one will be better for playing minecraft with friends (both are same specs, just how it feels, it's sound and this kind of stuff)

thx :3

| We are in the same situation. I have a lenovo ideapad y700 with a 960m. If it helps, i am thinking on slling it along with some techwear pants, buying an op desktop with a 2080 and use the money from the sale to buy a smaller laptop i can comfortably carry to school instead of my 19 inch monster.

| If it's just for gaming take the scar 3, if however you want to carry it with you for school or stuff take the zephyrus

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This thread is permanently archived