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Is 2GB VRAM enough?

| I'm planning on buying a new "gaming" laptop, but my budget is limited. I'm interest in two models with GTX 1050, one with 2GB and the other with 4GB. I don't care playing medium-low settings, what I want is decent performance.

| Take the 4G model :)

| Is this for Black Friday?

| 4G!
If budget is limited, I would suggest you choose a desktop PC, not a laptop. Or maybe you can get a ryzen CPU with decent integrated graphics.

Bump sail mary

| >>606810 I didn't even remember that it was black Friday

>>606811 I know that laptops are more expensive for the same specs, but right now I'm moving between 2 houses every one or two weeks.

| >>606814
on the brigth side you'd get super fast at taking apart and rebuilding your PC setup

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This thread is permanently archived