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Power consumption

| So my parents keep bitching about my computer making their power bills really expensive to the point they have been acting like hitler when its about power as of lately, lights on? get yelled at. I am actually considering a thinkpad at this point so that they can shut the fuck up and let me do my stuff in peace.

| Unless your PC's a monster, I'm pretty sure their power consumption is nothing compared to e.g. air conditioner, heating, washing machines, electric stoves.

If your power bills got expensive all of a sudden, it's probably worth it to try to pin down what's causing it though.

| It's extreamly unlikley to be your fault. just install a watt meter at ur PC and a few at places tht are a more likley cause ->
It'll be a lot cheaper then a thinkpad. and you get to shove some numbers in their face.

| >>606004
Unless you do nothing but gaming it probably uses less than 100W

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This thread is permanently archived