Hardware Hacking General

| One should be able to hack his own devices. I have done countless hardware hacks, what about you anon?

| I will kill anon.

| 1. Who tf is anon, g/u/rl?
2. So what have you been hacking? I'm too lazy to hack hardwares myself

| >>605991
I'm anon, kiwami is my name in a wide variety of boards and chans

Also I have been hacking tele-doorbells and PS2s. I'm working on all new mods.

| Only hardware things i do are more repairs then hacks.
what kind of tele-doorbells old ones or "smart" ones with cameras?
what did yo make it do

| >>606046
Ones with LCDs and Flat CRTs. Not internet enables ones. I hack em to
>accept input from auxiliary sources
>get past of proprietary camera systems and bell systems.
I have only done two so far. Which are located in my neighborhood. One for a pal and one for mine.

>>Only hardware things i do are more repairs then hacks.
Ngl my term includes hardware repairs too. What's the coolest mod/repair you've done?

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