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| How will blockchain tech change GC?

| Square blocks invented the Gamecube consoles shape.

| Hanging around politicians and non-tech scholars make me hate this question with a damn fiery passion.

... Wait, tf do you mean by GC?

| >>605476
I was going to say 'the world', but I wanted to make it more realistic by replacing it with GC which means Glitch City.

| >>605520 Dude, don't. There is /cyb/ for that
Or, if you feel a little "what if" you could have posted to /lain/, to make it less dead

| >>605621 seeing as this whole textboard is based off of the game, and historically there's never been any major problem with g/u/rls making references to GC, I think OP is in the right here.

| I think OP is talking about a metal linked chain, in the form of blocks, instead of oval cylinders.

| I change my answer, OP is talking about a chain succession fighting technique done in some fighting game labeled as, GC.

| Bless you /tech/ies and your ability to derail every thread in this board

| I've never heard garbage collection technique that uses blockchain. Though I would say that would be quite garbage.

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This thread is permanently archived