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Phone Mods

| Are there any good ways to physically and/or electronically modify a phone to your specifications? I have a few that I upgraded and then down graded from--current phone is hot garbage--and I'm wondering how to mod them into custom phones that cater to functions that the manufacturers don't allow. I'm somewhat used to rooting as the oldest phone has been rooted a couple of times, but the method was very hamfisted in it's approach.

| What

If it's android check out xposed framework. I dunno how up to date it is since it has been forever since I modded my phone, but it's probably what you're looking for

| depends on what you wan to do with it fx a remote you can rewire the speaker to a fuse (or alike) and then call it to activate the fuse

| also if you have a phone thats compatible with ubports you can make it run ubuntu touch

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This thread is permanently archived