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Am I doing this right?

| Hey g/u/rls, recently I've decided that my major at uni sucks ass and that I want to be a programmer instead. I am going through a book on Java rn and planning to check CS50 later. I just need some confirmation if what I am doing is correct and maybe some advice on what else I could do.

| >>604702 how the fuck are we supposed to know? Finish that fucking book and think for yourself, brainlet.

| >>604705 m8 calm down and stop putting those thumbtacks on your seat for kicks, makes you a dick online

| Depends a lot on what you want to do... that's always a tough question to answer for me. When I've got a finite goal I can start learning about what I need to get to it.
Also, programmer is very broad a term...
Best of luck.

| >>604702
I've heard good things about lambda school, you only have to pay them back if they end up helping you get a related job making $50k or more a year.

Good luck =]

| I'm surprised no one has poked fun at OP for starting with Java, of all things.

Anyway, I dunno about you, but for me programming is something that's better learned by doing. Reading a book's not gonna do much if you aren't also typing all that into a computer.

And as >>604738 said, you're gonna have to figure out what kind of "programmer" you want to be. E.g. game dev is fun but you're not gonna earn much that way, web dev pays pretty decently.

| I will agree that project based learning is a powerful way to learn but starting with books to build up the basics sounds like a sound approach.
As a heavy user of Fortran 90 (please don't laugh) and Python, that's how I learnt. Now I do astrophysical modelling for a living.
I know people learn differently so if learning simply from books works for you, carry on.
I will agree with the others saying that the languages you learn really depends on what you want to do.

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This thread is permanently archived