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Do os's that run like a application exist?

| I've been trying to find a program or application that's basically a light os that you can just run of the desktop. Im not talking about dual boot or a VM, just a runable os like thing.

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| I mean, there is this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/844590/Hypnospace_Outlaw/

| >>604678 emacs.

| >>604678 os sits below desktop, and without a VM you're still going to be limited to the programs of the os you're using, because you can't run an os in an os without a VM

That said, some sandbox software has viral desktops to isolate things more, think rehips has one but it's totally not a sandbox

| >>604678
You have to clarify what you mean if you write "OS". Do you just mean a graphical Desktop UI or do you mean a full operating System with a kernel, drivers, etc?
Depending on your definition of an OS you may already run an OS on top of another: Before you boot your actual known winDOS or UNIX OS boots up there was a BIOS or (U)EFI loaded, which already can be seen as some kind of OS itself.

| It's called an emulator I believe. Maybe there's even a more generic term.

| I'm not sure what you mean but Windows 10 has Linux subsystems in the app store for free.

| >>604734

Obvious not a full os, just a desktop like gui in an application. Like one made not by C but rather python or java ect

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| >>604766 that's correct, but in their original implementation it acted basically as a layer that converted Linux calls to something that would work on Windows, think reverse wine

I believe they just shoved a copy of the Linux kernel into windows 10 now though

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This thread is permanently archived