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| >be me
>school dropout to become soundcloud rapper
>nobody listens to my mixtapes
>tries another career
>computer science
>joins a course
>exercise 1: square perimeter in python
im going to fucking kill myself

| kys.

| solved your problem op

| It is mind numbingly easy at the beginning, but they're catering the course for people who have never even seen a computer before. If you can make throughout the first year, the second and third should be more fun. Maybe fill your time with some hobbies or get a part time job

| >>604336 holy shit it actually helped me, thank you, all I had to do was add and multiply sides, fucking math and their spooky names made me think it was some complicated crap

>>604350 sounds like im in for pain and some fun. my first week felt annoying to follow since the instructors would bring up math a lot of times. but it feels satisfying in the end so im happy with it

| Wait wait wait op did you have trouble with it being too hard or too easy??

Either way, get used to m a t h.

| >>604227 this

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This thread is permanently archived