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Are you even interested in tech?

| Or are you just here because you use it daily?

| First option, anything else?

| I wanna fuck a microwave. Does that count?

| >>603711 depends on which meaning "interested" in the op was going for but that's more English than tech

| "Tech" is a wide open field. Kinda silly to just flatten it into a thing that you like or don't.

I think computers are neat, but I don't want to really dig into what goes on inside it. I study social science, so professionally I'm just interested in how it affects our society. I like to do some web programming for fun and profit in case my academic career fell off the cliff.

That's the extent of my tech interest.

| TBH just about everything fits under tech nowdays.
but yes i like tech things that don't violate basic human rights

| Operating systems and programming

| >>603739
I don't think generalising is necessarily silly. By your definition this entire board is silly since it's here for us to discuss technology in all its forms.

The reason I'm asking is because people are obviously visiting this board but it's almost impossible to get people to share or engage in discussions about tech-related topics

| >>603914 I think you meant>>603752

| i only like the part where old ppl confuse what i'm doing with my pc all day..

| Of course. My sex toy is amazing when it vibrates.

| Of course. My table saw is amazing when it vibrates.

| I'm trying to learn C++ for vidya but i'm way too lazy


| A lot of people are interested in tech. This question is a little too vague to properly answer, so I'll just say that I enjoy coding. Well, about as much as you can enjoy doing something so tedious lol. I enjoy the RESULTS of coding; making/modding games, creating bots, etc. I'm much more of a software person.

| >>1a7f56
Maybe going for something easier would be a better start. With C# and Unity you can make some pretty amazing stuff.

| Python is also incredibly versatile and widely used. And python is one of the easiest lanaguages to learn.

| Python is great but it's not often used for game development though, is it?

I'm learning it as we speak but I'm thinking of buying an actual book instead of using online tutorials. Any recommendations are appreciated.

| >>604289 Python is great. I first learned code by messing around with Javascript, but then I decided to go a bit deeper into it and properly learn C#. While I don't use Python terribly often myself, it is a fantastic language to learn for the reasons you already stated.

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This thread is permanently archived