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Racing and technological advances

| How much does racing, play a role in advancing the development of road cars?

| Yes.

| I'm a nerd I ain't know shit about cars.

But I imagine it's more math than tech

| This is only partially related to the topic but I'm positive a similar tech exists for cars as well.

I don't know shit about cars and stuff but my cousins husband was showing off some old mopeds he fixed up and he talked about some kinda modern part he put in that basically works as a switch-case but for measuring how much gasoline is allowed into the system. As a programmer I thought that was really cool.

| Whenever there are racing there always the talk of technology use of how it becoming more efficient and always sort of a testing ground. With plenty of series always renewed the regulation of what allowed or not. With the exception of some event aimed to be historical.

Nurburgring is the place where many car trying to prove them with the pirpose of beating track record.

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This thread is permanently archived