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What have you g/u/rls learned this week?

| Today I learned how to harvest passwords using ARP-spoofing and DNS-poisoning.

As well as to how you can identify and protect yourself against such attacks.

It was a productive day. I just wish it wasn't such a peach-fest in class though. The only boy quit so all that's left are us big tittied wannabe hackers.

| I love sex.

| Share, OP?

| i got my first victory royale

| >>603237 hey im playing squad with trump and kanye you wanna join us

| >>603238 >>603237
This is why /tech/ is dead. OP wanna know what everyone is learning and you come here as if getting the bread is any good.
hit me up on duos tho

| I'm no good at programming or any of the fancy computer stuff just yet. Hopefully soon I can learn more though.

| >>603295 to be fair when you use phrases like "big tittied wannabe hackers" that's the kind of response you'll get :p

| >>2ef840
Is that so? It was just a reference to the Valhalla game.

| >>603295 last time /tech/ was very active, it is filled with windows vs linux post. It was so bad that other boards start mocking /tech/. So yeah, maybe it not that bad that it is dead.

| >>603417
Bit tasteless to jam that in an otherwise genuine post, imo. Kinda discourage me from posting some serious answers.

Ok but serious answer: been learning about CSS Grid and it just completely changes how I think about building websites. That's fun

| >>603427
Tasteless? Why are references to vahlalla on danger/u/? Tasteless? I've seen it plenty of times before in serious and non-serious threads with no problems.

I think if you're a non-serious poster you'll respond accordingly no matter what. If you'd be interested in talking about the h related topics then something like that won't stop you engaging in the discussion.

| >>603427
>tasteless to insert va11-ha11-a references
>danger/u/, a site themed off a site in va11-ha11-a

| I did like /tech/. Just did...

Btw i learned about Database structure and feel love it

| >>603436 >>603463
Calm down g/u/rls, it's just my opinion. And it's not tasteless 'cause it's va-all hall-a, but because it feels forced in. But chill, that's just what I think.

| I learned about magnetic levitation bearings. In tiny, freaking fucking tiny ass pump designs. For continuous flow artificial heart design.

Fucking cybernetic implants are already here and I didn't realize.

my major is electronics doe
sned hlep biology h4rd

| >>603107 this isnt /u/. Summerfag.

| >>3cc4b4
Lurk more, wannabe.

| >>603547
The thing is I've created several serious threads on tech and only get off-topic replies about penises and Valhalla anyway. Adding that Valhalla reference was my attempt at posting in the same style that you guys seem to enjoy/use.

But it doesn't seem to matter at all. The people who visit this board clearly isn't interested in talking about their (supposed) tech interests.

That's fine though. This site is what we make it to be. But I probably won't be sticking around.

| This is only barely /tech/ but I learned about Hall effect keyboard switches. They use electromagnets instead of springs and they can do cool things like measuring press depth. I'm thinking about getting a keyboard with them because they aren't very expensive, apparently.

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