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when will I be able to afford good VR

| I need to play Doom 3 in VR and Koika/t/su

| Yesterday

| I mean hardware will only get better so within 5-10 years any mid level desktop should be able to play those games, and used vr gear *might* be cheap on eBay

Thing is it's niche, and it'll probably stay that way, so ehh pc will be able to run it but if you're not willing to drop like 400+ on gear you might never

| Sorry. I think it's more about how many studios want to make VR games/softwares at this point. Without big studios keep pushing high quality VR games/softwares into the market to attract new customers, VR hardwares will always be a niche accessories and thus resulting their expensive prices and slow upgrade progress. Who knows maybe in the future VR can not only be useable in entertainments but also scientific researches.

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Wouldn't it be gross to use used vr? I mean vr gear has lotta body contact and all.

| >>602579 ehh you can alcohol wipe everything down and replace the pads for pretty cheap I imagine

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This thread is permanently archived