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is arch linux good for a beginner?

| what it says on the title basically, i'm completely new to linux, shit's overwhelming. can anyone give me some advice?

| arch linux is hot garbage for beginners, I think you're better off starting on ubuntu. don't listen to all the people reeing about it, it's the most stable and beginner friendly distro.

| Arch Linux is a distro for those who use Linux as a toy or a cool kids club, you will not learn anything, just read wikis while having no clue of what is going on, and it's a huge danger by itself if it is used in anything remotely important (workstations...etc)

Check first distros such as Ubuntu and its derivatives, have a first taste of it and then look for different distros with different release or funding modes (stable vs rolling updates, independent or tied to a company...)

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Once you have understood the differences between all those distros you will be able to judge by yourself the best one for you based on your use cases (do you need to do serious development work on your pc? Is it only used as a Facebook browsing machine?, etc) and your ideals.

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Basically, do not let anyone impose on you what you should use, and even if you choose a memedistro with no practical value, do it by yourself and not because it's #1 on the lists (and I say this because that is how people get stuck in arch linux, which has my most sincere disrespect and I am sick of seeing new users starting there...)

| If you have to use Arch try Manjaro it's Arch but not inconvenient to install for the sake of it

| >>600403 if you value your time, just use ubuntu or manjaro.

| Beginning to learn Linux on Arch, is like learning about cars by ordering individual parts and assembling the whole thing from scratch. Yeah you will learn a lot through the process, but it will take a very long time, and most likely not work right at the end. Try installing a more "complete" distribution, and moding it from there.

| i'm OP, thank you for your suggestions. which manjaro version should i get? i feel bad asking these things because i know these questions have been asked a million times before ;_;

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when starting out with linux and trying to figure out your prefrance.
I think you need to get comfortable with the idea of just installing a distro /version.
Playing around with it. Deleating it.
and installing another one.
Theres no harm in it and you might just get some perspective.

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That metafor is fairly accutare.
(besides that the only thing that doing it that way will actually cost you is time)
I personally started with Arch
and stuck with it while i learned how everything works.
I'm happy i did so but i get why people would prefer a more ""compleate"" distro

i put that in quotes because the main reason i stuck with Arch after trying others was It's very compleate package manager.

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