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Little project I made

| I, for the last 2 weeks, have been working on a small textboard. It's pretty bare bones, but I would like some feedback.

For posting I made an ssh interface.
Username lowlife
Password hightech

| stay barebones, become a lightweight minimalism extremist textboard
almost wrote lightweird

| Should make it that "0." is always Back/Exit to previous, or make Ctrl C something similar, because I entered to make a new thread reply, but later changed my mind.

| This is gold yes I will make Ctrl-C be Back/Exit

| >>600379
Something like this, but have 0 always be an option to use on every menu:
1 -
2 -
3 -
0 - Back or press Ctrl-C

| you should make it moble frendly

| Love the aesthetic

| >>600436 just use termux and enable the bar with Ctrl alt etc

| I'll try posting in a bit, but I dig it so far. May want to make a testing thread/board/whatever so other ones don't stay clean.

| I mean so the other ones DO stay clean. Sorry.

| I like it too but its a tiny bit empty in the sides

| >>600470
Gonna elaborate this a bit. I dig the aesthetic, but it's kind of difficult to read. First post is too wide and the font's spacing feels too squished together.

I mean, it's a cool font for display, but not really for reading long text.

For thread list, it's kind of hard at first glance to tell that each line is information for one thread. Could be because it's just too wide, or maybe there should be more space between threads. Not sure.

| On the front page, there should be more space between the image and the list of board, I think.

There's a number on the upper-left corner when you're reading a thread? It overlaps uncomfortably with the first post's border.

In thread list, if you scroll down, the bottom part doesn't have any background. Put your background-color in <body> instead

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This thread is permanently archived