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Should I wory about rotational-velocidensity?

| i don't know if this post should be in /mu/ rather than in /tech/, but i hope some gurl will help me out.
yesterday, i read on Buzzfeed™ that if you have mp3 files in your hard drive, these will degrade and lose some kbps because of rotational-velocidensity.
i made some calculations and if you lose 30 kbps a year (regular amount in a non-enterprise disk), almost all data on a v5 mp3 will be lost in four years!

| Buzzfeed.....
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I think it's exactly from that old, half-assed pasta...

| >>599920 >>599921 >>599941 to anyone too lazy or stupid to google these 2 words, google it. From the results i can say 2 things: yes it's a pasta, as it was in r/copypasta, and no it isnt true as there is no scientific or trusted site telling anything about it, and the first result in google is fucking urban dictionary.

And OP, buzzfeed and similar are by retards for retards, and i hope you arent one.

Sincerely, the only guy in town that knows how to google things.

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Pretty sure everyone knows it's a joke, g/u/rl. Now you're gonna look silly to even bother googling it

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| >>600088 some pastas are real, so it's always good to double check

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"the only guy in town" I believe you mean g/u/rl.

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