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Proper dns

| How can one make a custom dns? I dont mean pihole or adguard home, i mean actual dns. What would one need on software and hardware side?

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| Okay, firstly, a dns server is just a server with a list of ips and domains. Now secondly, to do a public dns... Just dont do it you cant. But for yourself you can download some dns server or make one yourself, then find a way to get ips and domains. Unfortunately there is no magic in this. Google is your friend.

| For spiders are a type of dns server. The spider crawls every page, and then gets an onion address and a description of what's on the page. Then it puts it in a huge text list. This is how dns servers were born. Now, if you make a thing that redirects you to torch's weird address when you type in torch.peeled, you've got yourself a very primative domain name server.

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| You could also in theory proxy dns requests and just cache the results, this would also let you use dns-sec or something else to hide your traffic a bit, make a script that checks ips for sites in the cache every day or something and you've got effectively a dns server

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This thread is permanently archived