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Brazilian ISPs blocked MEGA.nz and some other streaming sites

| Due to a court decision made by ABTA, which stands for Brazilian Association of Cable TV, some sites like MEGA, alfastream, oload, etc are now blocked.

By the way, it's worth reminding this is only effective in São Paulo.

The ISPs that were ordered to do that were Claro, Vivo, Oi and Algar Telecom. If you are using the other big ISP like NET or TIM then you're good,

But if you are using the ISPs listed above, you'd better not be using claro, otherwise you'll need a VPN..

| but if you are using Vivo (Not sure about others), just change your DNS!

https://www.gigadns.com.br brazilian DNS
And Google's DNS

>Whats the point?

Pretty much a reminder that their DNS may be stopping you from accessing some sites without you being aware of it.


| Oh man, so much for that "net neutrality" law....

| >>599414 it's probably because mega is used for piracy a lot

| >Please come to Brazil!

| Net and Claro are the same now... But I'm from the south so I'm fine~

| Huh, I wonder why it's only in Sao Paulo

| OP use rabbi.it to bypass it works in turkey too

| Did they do it voluntary or were they forced by law?
Sorry, I can't read portuguese.

| >>599594 Because it's only the government of São Paulo that actually cares about piracy, though

>>599968 Rabb.it is dead

>>600014 They were ordered to do so by the court, they don't really care about piracy but they have been trying to push data caps into our broadband internet since 2013

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