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32-Bit Dark-Theme Text Editors?

| Preferably with syntax highlighting, as I want to use it for code, C specifically.
I am aware that Notepad++ allows for the text field to be customized, but the head bar is still glaring.
My budget is $0, so Sublime and Ultraedit are out.

While I'm here, does anyone have any tutorials that focus on practical program making? A lot of tutorials go for the complete basics, but I feel fail to properly explain those basics, so I hope to learn a bit more by actually doing something.

| Can't help you with the first part, but with the second you could always just try to slowly do things yourself and if you get stuck, ask some communities online. People tend to be helpful with that.
Or you could try building a game? Heard it worked for some people as a study method, too.

| Sublime works fine without a license, just pops a window every now and again when you save, and you can prevent that from opening fairly easily with basically any re tool, there's even guides out there how

Otherwise, does atom or vscode fit your bill? And can I ask specificity why 32 bit are you using a very old cpu or?

| >>598429
Those you bring up are actually going to likely be the best I'll get, I just had checked Atom's site and didn't see a 32 bit version until I checked the Github, and I partly just don't like using MS products.
As for why 32: I'm running it on a T60p, a workstation from 2007.

I've heard nothing good about programming games as a newbie, as it is said to involve a great deal of 'blackwork', work which has no discernible effect.
However, I may try that.

Thank y'all.

| I kinda like vscode, just try to compile from the source instead of using the installer because the precompiled version has a different license with some proprietary conditions

| About the practical tutorials I'll share some links once I get to work

| I'm surprised no one said vim yet. Am I missing something or what

| >>598501 I don't know if vim is 32-bit

| >>598502 just checked their website and they even have a download link to vim 7.1 for 16 bit msdos

| >>598453
Such as?

| Why you didn't use atom? It's much better than notepad++ and it has customisable UI

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