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Is anyone else here studying network security/pentesting?

| I am but I don't know how to properly start a conversation so this is my attempt I guess.

We used a tool today in class that even though we're a bunch of wannabe hacker amateurs it was sincerely frightening how much info we could gather about a person. On our first try we even managed to track down individual strangers doxx info such as phone numbers and addresses.

We also learned how to take COMPLETE CONTROL of a PC using the current version of Internet Explorer. Like WTF!

| You can "remove" IE from your OS in "Turn off Windows features on or off" in the control panels Programs and Features if you want to.

| If you are asking if you want something to penetrate, then- *looks away shyly* *slowly opens legs in embarassment* Then you can penetrate me, OP...
Bruteforce yourself all the way into me. Take direct complete control over my PC muscules. Then doxx me all over the internet to show others how easily my system is exploitable to such a crafty person with electronics. Use all of your toys on me. Explore my system as the head of your member forms a clear hat into a white filled hat.

| Feed me your delicious payloads. Use any means of connectivity to get into me in any exciting way possible. Give me your longest ethernet cable. I want to make sure that I make you my man-in-my-middle. Let me Jack you off then have you Rip into me. I want that Beefy goodness, as you Shark your way into me with your Wire. Constantly connect and disconnect into me. Handshake my vunerable pleasure parts as I feel the impressions of your Fingerprinrts all over my body. Penetrate me,OP!

| >>4af353
Stop that

| I'm in school just for website making but I have classes in linux, databases, and networking so if I really wanted to I could probably do some serious damage. The networking class is so complicated though, I'm having a hard time keeping up. But basically all my classes will have me set up to either make my own website dev buisness or get almost any tec job.

| I have a book on the subject but I gave up on it on the part the author put a disclaimer that he wouldn't teach how to cover your tracks during or after the attacks.

| >ec0d74 how??? send article pls

| >>ec0d74
edit: how, pls tell or send resources

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This thread is permanently archived