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Wild man found.

| I went to the store to buy some yoghurt and while I was waiting in the line I saw a man. Not so tall, however fat as fuck. Broken glasses and some hobo looking beard. He was buying some energizers and chips. In his left hand, he held a rectangle, a big one I must admit, presumably contained a Lenovo/IBM product that's name is forbidden. I poked him, smiled, offered a handshake and said:

| >Hi /g/entoo man, why did you leave your basement?
He quickly turned his eyes away from me and quickly ran away from the store, leaving the products he was supposed to buy behind. The cashier looked at me and I looked back at her. I must say, I love sex.

| I love sex. But first I need to get that Google integration on my dick first so I can love sex more in the future.

| Okay, this is epic

| But wait! Google is a fucking botnet, What I need instead is some open source dick expansion.

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This thread is permanently archived