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Can an app defeat google/Facebook algorithm by flooding it with fake information?

| Can an app be made that would flood their system with fake information so that their stored information on us is no longer reliable because each of us would have 100 addresses, 100 phone numbers, 100 emails, and our interests would appear random and unpredictable?

What challenge makes this difficult/impossible? Would it even work to give anonyminity back?

Sorry I know nothing about this stuff, I just had a thought and don't know where to ask. Thanks in advance!

| It wouldn't post this so I tried a few times. Now they are all showing up, I'm sorry for the repost, hopefully a mod can clean that up cause I can't seem to figure out how to delete it...

| g/u/rl, you realize the average temperature on earth would instantly go up 10℃ if you made that app, and google/fb fought back with a nastier algorithm...

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This thread is permanently archived