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Can Android be infected with malware without actually installing a malicious app?

| I.e. by just visiting a particular web page or something like that.

Question number two that kinda stems from #1: can malware gain access to recording/sending audio/video without me granting necessary permissions to, say, the web browser and/or malware itself? System in question is LineageOS 14.1, it asks for permissions on basically every action

| I mean you'd need a 0 day, and a sandbox escape, maybe a privilege escalation in their too but you could in theory, why do you ask

| Wrong there, it's 4am and I'm sorry

Basically who do you expect to be doing this because what's needed wouldn't be cheep so unless you got a nation state after you you're probably fine

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Just got a suspicious email today is all. I mean, I realize this is just some shitty extortion spam, but I got a bit curious if it is at all possible.

| It depends on your phone. If you have the Google crap on it, for example, one can do anything on your phone as long as Google agrees with it, as they did with the Chinese government, that installed a malware on every phone owned by people coming from the airport.
Apart from that, most attacks will require an action from you, or as said previously a lot of conditions that make it unlikely for you to be a target (they'd rather attack companies).

| Imagine using a smartphone with iOS or Android.

| >>595696 yeah, those peasants need to get a raspberry with a mobile data module

| >>595696
Imagine actually having a decently comfortable UI and a wide selection of various easy to use apps for all your needs.

| Imagine shit posting about the two most commonly used phone os's in the world

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Yeah, no, that's pretty common.

| Yes, I once dropped my Android phone into a Biohazard waste deposit bin.

| Ok but has anyone actually done the pi thing? I'm curious

| >>595947 sure someone did. Look it up.

| Yes. Thanks to javascript, it can.

| >>596122 dude, any app that runs Javascript is a malicious one(for example, the browser)

| >>596145 that's not actually correct, any app that runs untrusted JavaScript can be malicious but just because it runs js doesn't mean it's malicious

Yes I hate js too but that's not an excuse to say things are malicious when they aren't, let's not water down the phrase please

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