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Why is Softonic still up and running?

| Seriously, how and why? Everyone should know by now that it's obviously a scam, and shouldn't download from their website. So, why?

| i think some older files are only still hosted on there but i dont think that would be enough to keep them alive

| It's mostly the amount of people that goes there (over 4m downloads per day, according to wikipedia) thinking that it's a legit downloading center only to find out (or not) that it's just a bunch of adware, which makes them money in the first place. I remember myself trying to download "regedit" from softonic and it fucked my OS.

And judging from the most downloaded list, it's probably something to do with people thinking they're getting GTA V, Minecraft and The Sims for free.

| >>595413 Good ol naive kids who want the latest games but don't have money downloading malware onto the family computer

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This thread is permanently archived