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What got you into technology?

| For me it started with some simple game mods. Then hard game mods like modifying the wii u. Then I thought hey why not do this type of stuff for a job.

| Porn.

| Honestly, because I heard I could get by in tech without handwriting

| It all started with ms paint on windows xp.

| I got into Neopets when I was 8 or so. They let you build your own web pages with HTML/CSS. I guess I never really stop doing that

| >>594768 same, game mods back on the 360 for me

| Watching my dad fixing household electronics when I was like 8 years old. What he did were kinda simple, but they were like magic shows to me back then. This is what inspired me to become a electronics engineer.
He never wanted me to be an engineer however. He wanted me to take a white collar job or even better, to become the head of his exports trading company.

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This thread is permanently archived