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Is goin to college for tech/coding worth it?

| I want to do work in the coding/tech field but is college the right way to approach that? I feel like there is something else I'm forgetting or missing.

| Not in America

| To me it was, but only because I was a complete tech illiterate...

I believed to be a pro just because I knew how to install windows.

But if you already have a good base or know how to self-teach then it's a waste of time and money

| >>379494 >>4f8833
Well shit

| Genuinely want to know too. I'm 100% self-taught, and currently in college for something completely different, but I'm thinking of getting a stable job in software engineering later.

Most job postings asks for, like, a degree in CS. I'm hoping I can wing it if I have a decent portfolio, but I dunno...

| IMO, after living in several countries, not in the US. If you live in another country, and are interested in coding, the degree is going to be a debt free way to get more chances at migrating to other countries and getting a remote job

| Tech jobs are in demand in third world countries, practically a default path in life here

| I got a job in programming and im self taught. You can do it but it does take a lot of work to learn.

| >>594766 yes. Don't listen to these people. They are probably teenagers.

| As someone who's never gone to college or worked in tech, I believe the answer is yes but it's only part, I believe you want both a degree and certifications, you can get a job with only one in some cases but I've heard the pay is better or something with both

| one hundred percent

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This thread is permanently archived