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Should me, (A website developer) learn SQL?

| I got a lot on my plate already, so should I any of my time learning SQL?

| Yes, I'm also a web dev and I'm surprised you didn't need SQL so far

| You can learn SQL in a day, so yeah, sure.

Are you frontend or backend though? SQL is less relevant for frontend, but it's good to know the basic.

| >>593956 I usually just use the terminal for storing/sorting as I only do small jobs rn. But I'm planning to do more so it definitely wont cut it much longer.

>>593977 I'm more of a do everything. Just a small web company and I'm the only worker so I made my own data storage system that's just extra ssd's

| men watefack

| >>593978
Oh wow, solo dev, huh? Sorry for going off-topic, but how is it working out? What do you usually get hired to do?

| >>594055
I make websites for smaller companies or restaurants and charge monthly for it. On the side I also take jobs for fixing networks or helping set them up and run them. It's all going alright so far, but I really do need to start doing more or even work for a big company, but first I need to learn more stuff like javascript and I guess SQL also now.

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This thread is permanently archived