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I made a guide of basic JS for new web devs

| Ok, ok. I know JavaScript isn't a *good* programming language. But it's the only language we use for frontend web dev, so what can ya do.

I made a guide to using vanilla JS for frontend web development. It's meant for people who have learned HTML and CSS and wanted to get into the scripting side.

Read it here:

I'd appreciate it if you give it a look! Whether or not you're already experienced or not.

| I tried to keep it simple and readable even for people who don't already know how to program, but I'm not sure how successful that is. I inserted a small Really Quick Guide to Programming in there, just in case.

| I literally finished learning css and html about 2 weeks ago, should learning java be one of my next steps?

| >>593712 Javascript is not Java, other than being awful and unreservedly popular the languages have almost nothing in common

| Not js plz hlep (T▽T)

| Thank you, java is one of my favourite scripting languages.

Jokes aside, it seems like a solid intro. Nice work!

| >>593712
JavaScript is not Java, but yeah, you should definitely learn JavaScript. My guide there tells just what JS is and how it works.

Thanks! I worked pretty hard on it.

If you need help with the language, the guide might be able to help you ^^

| I think your guide isn't made for people who never tried coding before. You jump into the language directly without explaining the importance of good algorithms, code structuring, and such. This is mandatory for first time devs or else you end up with the typical "if it works it's good" mentality that is one of the reasons JavaScript is so awful.
The first steps are boring and annoying but mandatory to become a good dev. Learning through guessing isn't good.

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no i'm fine with the language, it's just that i've seen colleagues develop android "apps" in js, and having to spend time on code obfuscation is very weird to me, lowly embedded systems peasant that i am...

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Yeah, I was worried about that, but I was also worried of bloating the guide for people who just want to try out things, or of boring people who already got it.

I think I'll add an appendix about good code structuring, though. Thanks!

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