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| a lot of tards shills this browser around the internet and months later they decide to implement some cryptoshit on their browser

you can't disable cryptoshit from chrome://flags due to some weird update, you can however hide which will do jack shit since it will still run on the background regardless if you have an bat wallet or not

but on the plus side, its pretty convenient for these who are non-techies, thoughts?

| I thought it was an alright privacy oriented browser until they internally whitelisted twitter and facebook trackers.

| Solution, switch to chromium or Firefox, btw you can run add-ons with the mobile version of Firefox but it is a bit slower since it's basically the full browser

| I remember thinking chromium was a virus for so many years. What a newfag I was.

| Firefox is the safest bet, IMO.
Because it doesn't use Google's engine

| yeah just stick with Firefox.

| Mozilla keeps dropping the ball and making me feel they dont care about my security and privacy. I feel more comfortable using the Waterfox fork. I dont anticipate having any more adware addons snuck into my browser, or my addons suddenly shutting down because some lamebrain forgot to renew their SSL cert...

| I used to hop hopping browsers all the time, now, i've just settled with ungoogled chromium. It's beaytiful, and i still use my open source addons

| >>593659 wtf i had a stroke

| That's it, I'm gonna make my own browser, one day I'm too lazy right now.

| >>593773 just use linx or one of the other text mode browsers, can't have bloat if you can't even render images right

| Brave Shield feels like Adblock plus, a lot of ads aren't blocked and the fact that they disabled a way to disable BATSHIT on flags is just sketchy.
I wish Iridium was updated regularly.

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This thread is permanently archived