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Programing and where to start

| I want to make my pc do things automatically, or make simple programs to make my life easier in general. Does anyone know where I should start

| Install Arch Linux from scratch and install whatever you want for your own personalized system. Use the arch wiki to get started.

| Can you make a program about sex, once you get started? I would greatly appreciate having more sex programs out in the wild for me to use.

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Of course you can, whatever you can write it will work as long as you do it correctly.

| >>7300b6 Oh, I was not generalizing in that question of mine. I was telling OP directly to make one as soon as OP gets started, because sex is so interesting.

| >>8edfea ah ok. Understood. and yes sex is very interesting, I'm sure of it.

| >>7300b6 Are you a coding master? Can you program me to have sex with you? Sex is the only programming language I know.

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extremely based

| Serious answer: Python is easy to learn and you can really quickly write programs to automate things

| Python is indeed good.
Just, don't get anywhere near JavaScript, and don't trust people who tell you to learn with it. It's nothing more than a sort of weird sect at this point and I just keep on people luring beginners into learning it. Don't, except if you want to be bad at programming.

| C

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Yes. we will have all the sex we want

| Something I have noticed with what little I have done, is do not fear doing things backwards literally. Sometimes you have to start at the end of a problem and work backward.
I would personally suggest against learning C or it's derivatives as a first language. Lua is nice IMO, but I'm not sure what other people thing. Lisp has weird structure, but I use it for work, so I know it's decent enough.

| Lua isn't bad but it counts from 1 instead of 0 like every other programing language

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it's easy, forgiving, there are a ton of resources about it online and it's probably the most useful language you can learn
i've got a bunch of python scripts everywhere to do mundane computer shit for me

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