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Need a new laptop.

| You know what to do g/u/rls. Going into a comp sci course, and my laptop is a 17.5" beast. Lugging it to class every day would mega suck. So I need a smoller laptop. Furrack Chromebooks. What are the best bang for your buck smol laptops out there now? What do you g/u/rls use?

| Also furrack MacBooks. Thanks g/u/rls!

| Couldn't you just bring your 17.5" laptop, but bring binoculars with you and view your laptop through the opposite of the binoculars?

| Thinkpad x2xx models are your best bet tbh be sure to buy used

| Thinkpad or gtfo

| >>592401 this g/u/rl gets it

| thinkpad, any x series model. they are also great for linux compatibility, in case your course ever requires it at some point.

| Thinkpad x230t is what I used for classes. $200 off eBay, and really good specs.

| Okay okay, I get it. Thinkpad it is, haha. Thanks g/u/rls!

| I can't really think of another company that matches their hardware and software build quality for the price.

If you have the funds, System76 and Purism have some pretty good machines.

| I hate laptops because I have a (older and actually good) MacBook, but finding another laptop with a Comparable screen, with an SSD, and dedicated gpu ends up costing about the same as a new MacBook

| >>592757
Where do you live? Apple City?

| >>592812 no, it's just rather specific, how many laptops actually have HiDPI displays, and a surprising amount don't seem to list a dedicated gpu...

For example a Razer blade 15" with a 4k screen costs $2899.99 and a new MacBook pro costs $2799.99 for the nice 15"

It's just what I want is not super common and pricing gets wonky when you get there like I have to upgrade the gpu to a "2070 max-q" to be able to pick the 4k screen

| I'll admit I haven't really looked that hard so it's totally possible I'm missing something, but with a teacher discount MacBooks are actually pretty alright price wise.
Happy to admit the Razer has a much better gpu though

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This thread is permanently archived