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DIY phone maintenance

| Any g/u/rl here done a battery swap on a modern phone? My Oneplus 3 has been used like crazy for a few years and the battery is not as good as it used to be and I'm thinking of swapping it. Is it achievable by a kluntz like me, how easy is it to mess it up?

| Since we're on repairability : fuck you, all companies that dont make their phones easily repairable (like completely gluing batteries instead of using pulltabs)

| The only hard part will be opening up the case/screen. Be patient, there can be lots of adhesive around the case/screen.
After that be careful don't short circuit. Things like screwdrivers and tweezers with metal tips can cause short circuit. Also put electrical tape on batteries' connectors to prevent accidental shorting.
Try not to bend those batteries. Disaster can happen if you bent them too much.
Take notes/pictures before every step if necessary.
Good luck op, you can do it!

| One more thing. Don't use too much strength when pulling any connector. Those fpc and ffc are very fragile.

>queer boob baath

| >>591951 Honestly hate that, I was scared that the front was glued but the guides on iFixit seem to be showing a non-glued screen.

I may order parts for the repair after next paycheck. I already have some of the required tools so I'll hope a replacement will extend the life of the unit a few more years

| protip - you may use a sock filled with rice to loosen up the adhesive.
not pulling your leg, had to find a replacement for that iOpener used by ifixit people and stumbled upon socks filled with grain.
fill a cotton sock with rice, close it nicely (either sew or wrap) and put the sock inside a microwave oven for one minute, 500W
try not to leave it unsupervised
then apply this sock to a battery or a glued panel
if it's not warm enough, run for one min, 700W

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