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Electrical engineering VS radio engineering

| I'm kinda curious if it is possible to work as an electrical engineer if you have a degree in radio engineering, and by which measures this can be achieved

| From my point of view -- it is possible, because radio engineers also learn how to design electrical circuits and some other electrical stuff. Furthermore they know how to design radio networks as well, which makes them more useful employees. But I guess you have to do some personal education before working as an electrical engineer. So I would like to hear other people's opinion on this problem

| Depends on where you live, where I'm from all types of engineers are treated the same, to the point a biomedical engineer can approve a building's blueprint...
it's kinda ridiculous tbh

| >>742789 lol, where do you live?

| >>591219 Brazil

| >>2c0e7d so which country are you from?

| >>591304 Europe is a country?

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This thread is permanently archived