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Special Module to Liquid Refrigeration on laptops

| I was thinking and working in an internal module to refrigerate in a liquid way a laptop the problem is the refrigerant and the placement of the module itself. It's look like our group had to make the pieces and close the architecture of the PC

| Iirc Asus has a laptop that uses liquid cooling. Guess you can take a look at that and see if their design could help you in some ways.

| a freezer

| >>590850
Are you trying to achieve sub-ambient temps? Liquid cooling on a laptop is hard because of the space and weight constraint. At best you'd have a small tank and pipes for the water flow and that's about it, not to mention you'd need space for the radiator.

| Better than that, I'm trying to achieve sub 30C temperatures and we have the components in the chasis of the laptop. The problem now Is the liquid to refrigerate it

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This thread is permanently archived