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Programming music

| What kind of music you like listening while coding?

Recently I discovered that happy hardcore gets me so pumped up that I dish out code like a machine, for example my latest task was supposed to last a whole week but I finished it twice in two days(I wasn't satisfied with the first solution so I did it over from scratch on day 2)

| Ah shit here we go again. 4th thread on this topic.
Random future funk with really low volume.

| Yeah I remember making a thread about this, va-11 music, some asmr, smooth jazz generally rotate through those when I get tired of one

| Smth soothing. Free jazz works totally fine for me.

| Nothing because I'm busy writing the specs that have not been done when they should have.
Barely official drafts don't even brush the surface of the subject.

If I know what I have to code exactly, I'll gladly go for some music that I don't know from my weeb playlist-radio on spotify.
Unfortunately, as songs get region locked from time to time, I'll have to switch to some sort of physical media.
Which makes me sad because spotify's recommendations are usually fine.

| Go for something u like and can freely ignore at the same time. Bossa mova or jazz should do the trick. If ur into action, try chiptune

| >>590513
i almost can't listen passively

| >>590513
I suggest ambient drone music. If not, give shoegaze a try.

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This thread is permanently archived