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Do you like windows?

| I mean, you can watch what's going on outside without getting cold or wet. Aren't they awesome?

| Port my weeb games to Linux and I'll gladly stop using windows for the rest of my life.

| Wait, this is not /u/

| >>590203 Steams's proton runs lots of stuff on linux mate

| sometimes I think I do and then it pulls some stupid stuff on me again to punish me for that thought

| Fuck no. I have to use it at work(yes some of us have to work support our degeneracy) and it's just suffering

| Yeah, it's great. All the benefits of sunlight and fresh breeze in the morning without having to expose myself to other people.

| >>590203 Try running them through wine. Works like a charm for Touhou in my experience

| >>590207 >>590346 nice!
Do you gurls recommend any specific distro? I only ever used Ubuntu, Fedora and Kali

| I use Ubuntu but just about anything Debian based is great

| I hate Windows as a company, corporation, etc. But as it's usability it's okay. It's better than dealing with OS X or any Apple bullshit. As most people here would probably agree they'd never use Windows a day again if they could have their gaming and other software that currently can only be truly accessed by using Windows. Maybe one day we'll finally escape the chains of Windows and Microsoft's bullshit.

| >>590572 I'd use osx over windows, at least it's Unix like so my tools fucking run

| >>590644 windows now runs Linux so this argument is not valid anymore, both Windows and macos are equal corporate shit now

| I mean you could have said the same thing because cygwin existed, on osx I can run just about anything on Windows you've got to install a bunch of shit to get anything to work

| And besides the ux on osx is way better imo, as long as Apple isn't thinking they're smarter than the user it's good

| I only use Windows because I have to. Updates breaking everything pisses me off every time.

| >>590933
You go through that bullshit as well?
I literally go through BSoD crashes after every update where it'll continuously do it 3-5 times before it stops.

| >>590644
I didn't mean to get anyone worked up over OSX. I should have at least stated my case first dealing with a OS issue when they had a bug with El Capitan and ended up selling my iMac for parts before the patch fix was released as I was experiencing problems for months to the point where I literally couldn't even get the thing to turn on. It was awful. Also dealt with a battery swelling up on me in a Macbook I owned.

| I enjoyed my time using my Macbook and iMac otherwise. But I'll never put that kind of money into a "brand" again.

| Fair enough, the only Mac I every owned was one of the MacBook pro models that didn't have any issues, post gpu and pre keyboard & backlight malfunctions

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