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The Acer Nitro 5 is recommended??

| I'm thinking to buy a laptop and this option suddenly appears and I dunno if this is a good option

| Upgraded to an ssd and 16gb ram
Works way better than my old i3-2100 and geforce 560 combo...
Also decodes 4k hdr pretty well, 23.976hz "worked" alright. Reinstalled a fresh microsoft spyware, boots in 5 sec. Could be faster with a faster ssd i guess...
Oh yea no thunderbolt on usb-c. Sad as fuk.
If the battery lasts 5h you're lucky.
Also there's supposedly a problem with charging the battery when under high load and under 80%, but gaming on battery is no good anyways...

| Why would u compare an i3 with an i8 or i9
The Nitro 5 apparently has bad fan placement, as explained on Dave2D's channel.
But in the end i still got it for its price and a gtx1050, albeit an older i8-8300.
I applied a fresh thermal paste and undervolted + limited maximum processing speed, thermals isnt an issue anymore.

Oh and there should be a m.2 slot inside other than the SATA slot. Jus a heads up.

| Second hand and in good condition, probably the best value for money when it comes to a laptop with dedicated graphics

| Wait, what's the problem with the battery?
What's is that Microsoft Spyware that you said
If I want to play for long periods of time there is no problem if I only use the charger?

| >>588974
The batteries are alright for the price range tbh. You can always game when plugged in.

Batteries don't like heat, but it's inevitable, you have to charge them at some point.
Just make sure you let the device cool down (while turned on because it can adjust its fans). When fans stop for a while you can assume it's cool enough.

Microsoft Windows is pretty much a nice spyware, but I want to believe there's worse. It's fine tho.

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This thread is permanently archived