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How to deal with a stalker

| It was been a while since someone is creating a lot of fake profiles on instagram with defamation purposes, constantly insulting me for years and i'm completely done and i dont wanna leave my social media, even if i block some profiles the person still going with another ones. I called the police but it's a very slow and burocratic process and it takes a lot of time
Is there a way to track these annoying messages and find something about the suspect?

| Ideally you shouldn't use social networks, they're just data siphoning traps and ego stroking parades(both at once)

But since you're not willing to drop the social networs, just make a big post saying a creep is trying to dedame you for a while and that they always make a new account when you block them.

After that ignore them, what can they do? Make another fake account to defame you, confirming your story?

| Sue em?

| First, you need to bring them to some casino environment. Second, decide what card game you guys want to play. For example, Black Jack, Texas hold 'em. Importantly you must be the card dealer for this subjected stalker in mind. Then you would simply need to deal the mentioned subject your cards.

| >>587769 this post gave me an idea.
OP challenge the stalker to a children's card game and ban him/her to the shadow realm by winning, best solution ever works 100% of the times

| Well OP if the cops are too busy to bother and you can't ignore the stalker then D O X the fucker, meet him irl and fuck his ass.

>wryly scout sans

| The point is that person knows me very well and uses very personal information about me, turning some things very dangerous, but I can't manage to know who is to keep it away

| >>588067 sue them, you'll be able to get a subpoena for the social media services they use and find out who they are

| >>588067 that narrows it down to people who know you personally, just find more clues and force them to "suicide"

| all you have to say is "get out of here, stalker"

| Sad as it may sounds, you gotta dox them before they do. Cuz that's how it just works nowadays. Be vigilant my dudes

| give me a name

| i'm your stalker, so you posting here now? you better stay inside your house tonight

| Just change your profile privacy settings 5head :^)

| General consensus:

Dox em or sue em.

| Dox is a bad idea, don't want to
A) be wrong and look like a dumbass
B) give them a reason to sue you and make you look worse on your dime

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