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Programming in other (human) languages

| I only speak English, so I have no context for this. Are there major programming languages for non-english speakers?

For example, C is a "major" language but all of the keywords and types are in English. Is there a variation of C for other languages? Is C even used in non-English countries?

| i mean, the closest you can usually get is naming your variables and stuff in a different language. if you don't mind complete atrocities, the closest you could get *then* would be non-English esoteric langs. (refer to https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck - unironivally)

| Afair, there are some (mostly outdated) programming languages, that had everything, including keywords and control symbols, in cyrillic, based on Russian language

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-English-based_programming_languages
>>583183 well, i guess that answers your question.

| Nothing major(unless you count binary assembly, XD )

This is probably because English is the official lingua franca

| >>10ad2b

> perl syntax in lating
implying perl isn't unreadable enough already

| >>f10f6b
*latin, im sorry

| >>583280
> implying perl is anything more than a bunch of regexes
Some parts may look like English but it's all regexes, regex after regex with a regex on top

| Was gonna list some but >>583268 already have it covered.

As much as I dislike having English dominating programming this much, we're kinda already too far ahead huh

| >>583381
i mean... can you really blame a lingua franca for being a lingua franca? it's commonly accepted, basic words are simple as heck to get a hold of, and people are just sorta used to it. it does screw up linguistic identity a bit, sure, but it beats speaking a language that some majority doesn't know.

| Table calculators like libreoffice calc have localized function names.
Beside historical, exotic and very specific languages, there are also funny projects like Teuton - python with german vocabulary:

| Oh, I remember that the instruction list (anweisungsliste/AWL) language of siemens "memory programable controller" (speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung/SPSS) is in german.
Also earlier there were localized versions of assembler instruction.

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