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NASA is cool

| NASA wants to send an octocopter to Titan in 2026. I don't think it'll work due to the sheer complexity and weight of the craft, but I will cheer them on because that is cool as hell.

| Where did they get the funding? Last I heard they are pretty much grounded.

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| NASA sucks now, it got shafted by corruption. their SLS is overpriced one-time crap designed specifically to take a long ass time to develop. SpaceX and Blue origin is where it's at. personally i'm with SpaceX. they'll do it in time.


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The Curiosity rover was pretty good. However, I'll have to agree that NASA being mixed up with politics(SLS will never be cancelled due to lobbying connections) is not good. They are capable of doing great things and I can't wait for thy flying craft on Titan, as well as the much smaller rover auxiliary drone being sent in 2020.

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curiosity is a damn good waifu and the best thing the still have imo (except a few satelites and ISS)

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I'm positive Curiosity is lost for now...

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show me

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You're being too curious.

| Nasa is nothing without the soviet space program. Space flight will be privatized and soon we will see coca cola and pepsi ads on the sky.

| >>582321 we'll wish upon a pepsiman

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and independents will launch homing rockets at them from clandestine assembling facilities.

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What about mariner, oppy, spirit, voyager...

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what are they doing right now again?

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Sending flying crafts to the outer planets and people to the moon.

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