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Can i hack a website with html?

| So i just started learning HTML and was wondering if it is possible to hack a website with it.

I know that HTML is one of the most hard programming language to learn but i'm very passionate and i really want to learn hacking.

Any tips?

| No, not with HTML, you can deface a post of your own at best and look like a fool for trying at worst

Maybe with Javascript but most sites nowadays have protection against code injection

| Or you could learn python, most hacker tools are made in python

| Of course you can. If you right click on any website and choose "inspect element" you can directly edit the website's source code and hack into it!

| Change <img src="burg.jpg"> into <img src="angry_burg.jpg">

Now you hacked the planet and you are in.

| >>578570 this g/u/rl knows what's up

>I know that HTML is one of the most hard programming language

Ya lost me, the bait was almost there

>moans idiot base

| In the end everything in so called 'web development' ends up in html.
Programming languages like php or javascript generate html code in the end, and the web browser has become some kind of interpreter or virtual machine to show or even run it. This comes with some advantages, but mostly disadvantages (regarding security and performance). If you want to 'hack' websites and web applications, knowledge about html is necessary but most importantly how browsers 'interpret' it.

| While there is no doubt that unixoid systems are leading by far when it comes to security and performance, the market is dominated by greedy, irresponsible tech illiterates which expect the consumer masses to buy new devices every second and give a shit about privacy or security for the sake of a very shortsighted understanding of convienience. Plus a certain desktop os monopolist made it hard to do cross plattform development, which aided platform independent html become popular.

| In an ideal and actual working 'free market' it wouldn't have come to this. But in reality the market is not free (an it'll never be) and the technically best and most sane solutions are not always (if not rarely) the favoured ones. I mean we talk about a world where people could sell 'snakeoil' (or tiny sugar bullets) as medicine.
So have no bad concience hacking html sites and apps. They cry for it and deserve it. It's like a goldmine made of peoples stupidity.

| The person above seems to have been sent into a mental spiral due to the op, I am astounded this bait can produce such promising results

| Very few exploits actually deal with HTML much at all, and since it's just tags it's not hard to understand, you're more likely to need js and an understanding of the attack surface the server itself has, does it use php? What about SQL? Does it sanitize input properly? what about if you do funky encoding that is eventually resolved down to the characters you want (see that one chrome crash link) it's obscure knowledge and out of the box thinking that gets you far

| Short answer, no. Long answer, yes, yes you can. Create interactive buttons from HTML for you to use that operate in a way to hack another website.
And thats how you hack a website using HTML.

| >>578735
>Legit html hax

| You actually took OP seriously?

| >>578735 that's javascript you dumdum

| >>0a95d6 hose mad

| >>579068 nope, form buttons are html
Now, the server that receives the form or the Javascript that intercepts the button press and processes the request can be anything else

| Honestly I would have fell for op of she didn't say HTML is most hard to learn

| Same

| Yes, HTML stands for
Hacking Terminal Master Language
It is made for hacking

| >>579333 that much is obvious. OP specifically ask if she can use it on websites

| >>579344 it wouldn't be the "master language" if there was anything it couldn't hack

| Suck my bytes you script bitchie

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