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/tech/ is basically full of wannbe hackers.


| Can't talk for the others, but I can confirm that it's true for me

| Shut the hell up Kyle. You're just mad because I quickscoped you in MW2 Hahahahahahahaha

| you sound like you're new... that's what /tech/ is all about in the first place...

| I'm a wanabe pen tester

| I wanna stick my pen in various places to see how it goes in...

| So...are you little mad or big mad???

| Better a wannabe hacker that knows they aren't than a DDoS-only "hacker" kid.

| Woah. Guess you have exposed us. So what?

| I know all dee haxs for all pc games. I can wire all the monies to my secret bank. Watch I can hack into your car too. Your IP address starts with 192

| You are not true hacker until you can hack the time

| My dreams of being a hacker died when I discovered how much stalking, researching and waiting was required to do it right

| >>578571 hackerman is the only true hacker

| Someone should host a hackerpot where hackers are freely allowed to practice pentesting.

| Like a honeypot, in that it's a system designed to emulate a hackable environmemt, or perhaps several, but never compromise the underlying system. A VM, perhaps?

| That basically exists, there's a VM you can download running a bunch of old versions of everything so you can rest exploits to see how they work

| Oh yeah, isn't it that Linux ISO?

| https://pdrcybersecurity.com/10-sites-find-vulnerable-vms-testing/

Here's a whole bunch to play with

| >>578573

Hackers basically throw the majority of their skill points into Charisma.

| Depends on the kind of "hacker"

| >>579267
Definitely not the social engineering ones.

| >>578079 yeah fuck off Kyle

| >>578079 shut up karen

>>578056 You think anyone talking about anything tech related is "trying to sound like a hacker" lmao. I bet you don't even know how to use a computer in the first place.

| >>579796 OP here
Of course I know how to use a computer, I have Facebook and occasionally read articles from gizmodo
I'm practically a pro

| >>579797 Gizmodo!? I can't top that.

| >>579192 beautiful, bless

I will repossess all of these and do horrible things to them. Thanks for the resource. *tips hat*

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