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Best browser?

| Google chrome has been screwing me over lately and I've had enough of it. Anyone know any better/safer browsers I can use?

| Firefox with add-ons is plenty good. If you REALLY need to use Blink as your web renderer, go with Vivaldi.

I assume you aren't looking for anything lightweight, but if you are, qutebrowser is rather good if you are familiar with vim bindings.

| Second Firefox, been using it since before the new rendering engine, it's worth going with Firefox dev/beta over the standard because it updates so much faster and doesn't crash constantly every 6 months like nightly

Get ublock origin, https everywhere, and if your ok with something a bit higher maintenance umatrix or noscript

| Steam Browser (by Valve)

| Tor Browser

| I'm glad the people of /tech/ can agree that Firefox is good.

| Properly configured surf

| >>576777 I didn't bring that one up earlier just because most people aren't interested, but +1. I'm a big fan.

| Opera for me fam

| Google Chrome is best I think

| >>576905 based on chrome, there's really only two browsers, "chrome" and Firefox

| Lynx

| Links

| Some shady open source browser in python with QT
There's like a million versions of it on github and it only takes a couple of hours to make yet another

| Seamonkey
literally a browser, IRC client and mail client all in one

| >>576994
Sounds bloated. Why not stick with irssi?

| What about weechat

| Brave.com is pretty good. It has adblock and a nice creator donation platform

| >>577011
it's pretty convenient, for starters. you can install nothing more than Seamonkey and then forget about having to install an IRC and mail client because... they're there. whether or not you want them is down to you.
realistically, it's a solid callback to the ol' netscape days where one browser install had more shit bundled with it without the shit in question being useless. mail client's comfy as f u c k

| I use claws mail currently, recommendations? Being (screen) space efficient is important to me

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This thread is permanently archived