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Do I NEED an antivirus ?

| I only run steam (rocket league mainly) and firefox, and sometimes discord (rant : fuck discord).
The thing is my hdd is at 100% for about 20min at startup.
And it's near annoying as fuck.
And it's avast causing this.
And not only updates, literally just starting the computer takes 20 min to get to a normal hdd usage. And using ressource mon (windows peasant) i see avast (judge if you will) basically queuing requests to death...
Halp pls ten qyu

| maybe turn off the active protection and just do manual scans like once a month.

complement this by learning how to operate common sense antivirus 2020. it doesnt work 100% of the time but really makes it harder to get infected, is free, and uses no computing overhead

| "i use Firefox" where do you think people get viruses from if not through the internet?

| >>576170
Ye sometimes I don't think I need the active protection, but I don't really know if some common sense can replace this.
I do make use of this common sense you tell me about, and it works, yknow. So I was really wondering if the antivirus was really worth the performance drop...

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Ez bait

| >>576180
i stopped trusting Mozilla after the Mr Robot promo debacle. the recent addonpocalypse is what made me finnaly give up. im using a fork now, which is the same codebase, but Mozilla cant distribute unwanted code to my browser or shut off addons i rely on for security.

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I'd like to know of these addons you speak of, if it's alright ?

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that mostly depends on you and your knowledge of tech and of how malware spreads and if youd know what to do if something slips through the cracks.

i was fine just using common sense for years, but i knew i was still taking risks and that i could still get hit with something. i wouldnt tell others to rely on common sense entirely without av backup, theyd have to know themselves if thats a good idea, and know the risks etc.

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umatrix is essential for me, i wont use the web without it. ublock is nice to have too but umatrix does most of its job already. https everywhere is helpful to make sure youre on an https encrypted connection wherever available.

those are my main three for security

| oh, self destructing cookies! i dont think that relates to malware attacks though, except for stopping sites from spying on you.

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I'm asking because I don't think i know malware at all.
I'm kind of a paranoid g/u/rl too...

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Self-destructing as in deleted after a session ?

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after end of session, or immediately after leaving the page. you whitelist cookies from domains you wanna keep.

i think your main concern is performance, and you should disable active scanning, and just schedule monthly scans instead.

| umatrix is too hard for most people to use well. EFF developed privacy badger, which... doesnt adequately do umatrixs job, but it costs nothing to install and provides immediate privacy and web performance gains and rarely makes a page not work, so theres that.

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So i'm coupling that with the non-mozzilla fork of ff ?
The real concern for me is when I'm booting, and it takes an inexcusable while to go back to idle-levels of disk usage...
I'm going to take the advice of stopping active scanning when I need perfs, and enable it when I'm browsing my favourite textboards then...
And I'm just going to let the PC run for 20 mins...
Hopefully I can cope... (it's cool i'm fine)
thank much >>24f33a and>>1fc59c

| Can't you set up your antivirus to only run scans at specific of the day and when the machine has been idle for more than 'x' minutes?

| >>4bb40f Windows defender is prefect if you're running a Microsoft OS and won't slow down your system as much as others do. Read this: https://robert.ocallahan.org/2017/01/disable-your-antivirus-software-except.html
>>1fc59c >>24f33a just use Firefox ESR. Anti-features usually won't get into that version. Or use the fork of your distro. :)

| >>576211
I will consider this option when I build my new system in a few months

| Join unix-like master race and don't ask silly questions.

| No you definitely don't *need* antivirus, in general most shit comes from installers and the like, finding something actually getting dropped through an exploit is rare and you can use tools like sandboxie or Rehips for anything you don't trust

| You don't need antivirus to be constantly running in the background as long as you don't torrent warez on the reg, visit shady website with a ton of pop up ads, or transfer data on the reg (via usb stick) to public computer (like school or printing shop). And even then, just drop suspicious files to virustotal.com and make sure to show hidden files and file extension on your explorer. Don't need antivirus if you're familiar with the common attacks.

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mister, are you aware of an option called Strict HTTPS: forbid mixed content ?

| malwarebytes is the way to go g/u/y

| ofc, Vaccines are good anti-viruses.

| shilling for ESET NOD32 for all kind of people. It's lightweight and pretty configurable so you can disable the scan that automatically starts when you start windows. You can either use a trial key or support them monthly

| TL:DR No. You only need adblock and antispiware. If you download and click on an exe you're on your own

| I hope I'm not late, but I more then once found a weird solution to the 100% HDD problem - the SATA cable. Yes, that little cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard.

I had more then once, in more then 3 different computers, this problem and I solved it just by replacing the cable. It seems these cables are mostly trash and getting destroyed way faster then the actual hard drive, and are also really cheap. So just try a new one and check if it solved the problem... GL

| I just have ublock and I run malwarebytes like once a month. Dont click on sketchy shit. If you think you got hacked by russia or the cia just buy a big magnet and rub it against your hdd

>captcha: fag deep loan

| >>577086
That sounds weird but I might just try... I should have a few spare cables anyways.

Thank all of you, g/tech/rls

| What Antispyware do yall recommend?
I am not really tech-savy but I assume that I know what and where to download so I do not use an anti-virus software

| >>577617
or is antispyware not even essential?

| Anti _____ is basically all the same

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