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What happened to the high profile hacking incidents?

| Nowadays it's all DDoS and Ransomware
What happened to crazy system hijacks and defacing of sites belonging to huge organizations?
Are all hackers just out for the money now? Where are the trolls who only wanted to watch the world burn and the self righteous hacktivists that wanted to pass on a message?

| Instead, we got hacks in the Wall Street Journal and on printers world wide telling people to sub to Pewdiepie.

| If you ask me, I say they all work together now, but one can only hope for a cyberpunk-esque team of cyber terrorists to show up and support the peoples interests

| A few things happened, it became easier to track them down and sue them, so the good ones are quite skilled and if your confident and your breaking the law one way or the other you might as well get something for it

the other is they grew up, when you're a teen/collage age you aren't focused on money so it's more appealing to just fuck with people but once you're out and facing needing to pay for a p place to live food water etc you care about money much more

| And as a third thing, companies care much more about security now, the best way to sell insurance to a company after all is to burn down their neighbors building and those high profile hacks are just that

| What do you mean? Hackers still do what they do best: cracking software drms so I can use them for free :)

| >>576339 useful, beautiful and in some instances I'm grateful for them
But it's boring...

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This thread is permanently archived