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Saw this. Thought you Guys/u/rls might wanna see.

| https://github.com/Sekhan/NightPi/blob/master/README.md

Might also make one for shits and giggles. I have a spare pelican case doing a lot of nothing.

| Neat

| >this tool allow you to eavesdrop
what the fuck

| Good luck carrying that without looking like you're part of a terrorist group. I like the design, but I'd much prefer a regular laptop design.

| I wonder if that 'keytap' thing actually works.

| >>575765 I'm no techie, so apologies if a sound like a dumdum, but isn't it possible to switch OSs so you can use it in open spaces to avoid suspicion?

| >>575832 the problem is more how it looks and not what it runs
It looks like those missile launcher termimals from action movies

| This would look dope, now if it only ran the os from Fallout, now that would be a blast from the past for sure

| Has anyone made a real x86_64 os to mimic fallout yet?

| >>576084
You can probably come close with a terminal mod in Linux. We won't need an entire OS for that.

| >>576087 very true but also the more boring solution I suppose, though much more realistic

| Imagine passing an airport security check with this and opening it in flight
"Oh dont worry mam, am just checking the news on my terrorcase"

| Before you got questioned on what it does they would be calling the bomb department already

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This thread is permanently archived