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What do you listen to while programming

| Board is dead and I want some new background noise, so what do you listen to

| I have a big list of old video game soundtracks (mostly coming from platformers), if that fails I just let the road outside make some noise, if that also fails because the dog next door won't shut up at 2 AM, then it's Chroma Doze and my bucket of random noise generator.

| it's either russian hard bass or ambient japanese sounds

| Halo 3 odst ost

| Dark Ambient or synthwave, usually.

| Boards of Canada, mixes of D&B and ambient, sometimes lounge. Check out Röyksopp

| Japanese city pop from the 80s, synthwave or chiptunes

| Pretty much anything, but Algorithm and Master Boot Record really get me in the right mood.

>pity tips ale
I haven't come here to be called out like that by captcha.

| There have already been 2 threads about it.

| >>575455 there were 0 threads on the board when I posted so it's not exactly hurting anything

| >>844a59 Awww yeah, g/u/rl. Those are both great.

| My PO telling me to work faster :(

| Lofi or dnb

| Behind the Mask from Persona 5 with added rain noise. Bonus points if it's actually raining.

| I like it

| Cyberpunk/Web surfing tunes.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i50igBzmCdc&list=PLHS5X8c_e_WoWTY4YQIKkCrM0hC-MTTAf I made this playlist, I usually have it on shuffle.

| Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms and stuff like that

| >>575560 exactly, I could listen to this for days (which I probably did)

| Good old chillhop and lofi.
I watch those 24h streamers and add any song I like to my personal playlist.
My playlist is now about 13 hours long itself.

| Valhalla's ost. It actually became my most listened album that way

| Japanese asmr double ear licking. Im not lying.

| >>576225 +1. Love it.

| I like listening to https://twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal

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This thread is permanently archived