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Search engines

| What search engines do you use?
I currently use qwant and duckduckgo

| searX with Startpage, Qwant, DDG, and Wikipedia as the main engines. Been using the setup for a while now.

| What's so special about Qwant? If it's also privacy focused that might make it worthwhile enough. I already know DDG is pretty good due to its pro privacy stance

| >>574576 I like qwant because the UI looks nicer to me.
But I use both because the results vary wildly, some things DDG struggles to find while others Qwant has problems to find

| wake me up when you've found decent .onion metasearch engines.
meaning NOT DDG, searx

| i'd recommend chiru.no's /a/search, but as of recently they've moved to bing rather than being a google proxy and it's caused more than a few issues, a notable one being no results for the most part. sad!

| Google. Other search engines don't provide that level of depth in certain cases.

| Speaking of Google, is it just me or adblockers aren't even working against Google Search ads? plus I saw like 3 fucking ads every search like what the hell, the greed they must have must be really big. I hate how these scumbags are too big to be stopped.

| >>574985
what browser & adblocker do you use

| >>574559 I use Searx with DDG, I'd rather not use DDG's site directly since their code is not fully open source, some of it is closed, and despite their privacy efforts, they're still based in the US, making them vulnerable to the likes of NSA
Also, their CEO used to run some not-so-private business before DDG, none of these reasons are definitive proof, sure, but they're enough to make me not want to use it directly

| >>574600 what about searx's .onion instances?

| >>575088
i don't trust them and the somewhat decent ones don't have the kind of settings/speed/hostname/options i want

| >>575089
why not host your own then?

| >>575090
because i want to stay anonymous and i don't have money

any service that can be traced back to me is a NO NO NO NO NO NO

| >>575091
fair enough then, dunno what to suggest for you

| >>575092
i know!
i want to do your hair. i would wash it. apply conditioner to soften it in a comfy steaming shower, then straighten it. and then i'll glide my hand through it, massaging the roots with my fingers and moving down past your shoulders while massaging you neck and back, to relieve you of all pains and stresses you've built up during the day.
many homo

| >>575093
B-But anon that's lewd...
And we're both girls!

| >>575102

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